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Product Image Product Number Product Description GMO Free Case
Taro Bun LM153 TARO BUN No 20pcs
Smoked Three Treasury AL110 SMOKED THREE TREASURY No 30 pcs
Cold Smokey Slice T200 COLD SMOKEY SLICE 275G No 80PCS
Vegetable Bun LM155 VEGETABLE BUN No 20pcs
Cheese Roll LM123 CHEESE ROLL No 40 pcs
Scallion Roll T204 SCALLION ROLL No 20 pcs
Pattern Steamed Bread T205 PATTERN STEAMED BREAD No 20 pcs
Silver Thread Roll T206 SILVER THREAD ROLL No 20 pcs
Sliced Bun T207 SLICED BUN No 20 pcs
Chinese Parsley T208 CHINESE PARSLEY No 40 pcs

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